Saturday, August 31st 2019

Kicking off this monthly recap, I've taken on another stupidly large project. I'm uploading all my photos again, but this time it's different. This time it's to a database, logging where the photo was taken and tagging every person in them! This is seriously going to take a lifetime.

Straight Line Across Wales
This has kept me intrigued and throughout this whole month. It came up on Reddit one day and I thought I'd check it out. Straight Line Across Wales. It feels just like old YouTube.

Kim playing persona again / August
Kim has been playing Persona again.

FF8 Remastered
releasing in september 3, not christmas. I'm really happy and surprised that it's coming out so soon. I think the game looks great except for squall's look.

Overdraft / August
Now that I'm back from Amsterdam, my overdraft is standing at about £800.

maya shore / August 20th
new maya shore album. kelly chambers commented youtube.

Wonga / August 21st
Wonga finally emailed me back! They emailed me a few months saying that I was eligible for a payout due to the ridiculous interest rates they charged back in the day. The amount was quite high, but it stated that it would be substantially smaller because they would be sorting my case. Whatever the amount, I don't care. It's free money. They said I should likely get a payout in january! Good timing for after Christmas.

FriendsFest / August 31st

amazon fires / August
amazon fires

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? / August 13th