Tuesday, June 30th 2015

We're halfway through the year already. It's starting to get warm again.

FF7 Remake / June 16th
While I was in Budapest, E3 was happening. I had just met up with my parents and was trying to get some sleep. I was messing around on my phone before bed and saw that they actually announced a Final Fantasy 7 remake! I was very excited, but not over the moon as I still haven't played it. It's ridiculous that I call myself a Final Fantasy fan and I still haven't played it. Lots of my friends like it. I'll have to play it soon.

I'm really excited to see how they will make it. As the character models and the world around it will be to scale, it's going to make the world enormous. I really need to buy the original and play through it all before I move onto the remake, but I guess I'll have plenty of time to do that at the pace Square Enix puts games out these days.

Mare Vitalis / June 21st
In keeping with the Mare Vitalis 15 year anniversary hype, Appleseed Cast put out a t-shirt and vinyl package with a brand new monochrome design. You can bet I bought that shit as soon as I saw it. I got it sent to my parent's address and it arrived today. The delivery guy put it in the green bin. Nice. I absolutely love it. It's beautiful. I'm not very good at looking after the things I own, but you can be sure that this isn't even going to be touched.

Overwhelmed / June 24th
After coming back from holiday and dealing with moving house, I'm feeling quite overwhelmed. I'm excited for the move and everything, but I honestly can't wait for it all to be over with. There's just too much to think about.

Lottery / June 25th
I've been playing the lottery online quite regularly. Not won a thing. Last night, I actually won something. They'll email you saying you've won, but they won't tell you how much. You can tell they are either trying to hold your suspense or to make you go to their site. I try to not get my hopes up. It turns out I won £25! Not bad, I'll take that. £25 on the 25th.

UPDATE 05/07/2015 - Totally not joking...I just won £25 again! What are the odds.

Last Arches Prac / June 26th
Yesterday was our last night in the Cardiff Arches. It has served us well. We were only there for five months, but a lot happened. We wrote a lot of Epilogue to Departure there. I'm sure we'll be back with a few more standalone practices, but for now, it's back to Albany Road.

MIWC / June 28th
I haven't talked about MIWC for a while on here. I feel much more confident now when we play. It's actually becoming fun again. We recently played Bargoed, which was new for us and Abertillery, which always goes well. We also played a wedding reception in Newbridge. I'm always nervous playing those. We don't practice as much as we used to, but may change soon. Aled is still going to be leaving the band at the end of July. It's gonna be weird without him. Dave is supposedly joining soon on bass. I look forward to what happens next with the cover band.