Monday, March 4th 2013
The First Gig

The day was finally here. Our first gig. Gareth picked me up and we went down to The Monte early on in the day. It was a long day. Gareth was introducing me to every single one of his friends who were all really nice, but it was a lot to take in. We played a few games of pool and chatted with a few of the locals, but nothing could shake my worries about the gig. I spent so long in the back of the pub changing my strings, checking the tuning, making sure my strap was fitted right, practising the songs etc. My nerves were starting to get to me.

Sam and Aled arrived a little later on. By 9pm, the place was absolutely packed out. Gareth had invited all his friends. Kim, my parents and extended family soon showed up and looked really excited to watch us play. Sam and Mike kicked off the night with a few acoustic songs. I knew the time was nearing closer so I had a few more drinks to calm my nerves. I was starting to sweat. I had so many drinks, that coupled with my nerves, I didn't even get drunk. I was just a bit wobbly.

Bang on 10pm, we got up, grabbed out instruments and jumped right into it. The chordy songs weren't my worry. Any time it got to something with a riff or (god help) a solo, I was dreading a bum note let alone completely forgetting the passage. Deep down I was enjoying it, but my face wasn't showing it as you can see from the pictures. I was too focused on getting everything right.

Some songs were a bit ropey. I messed up the melody a little on The La's There She Goes. I'm sure there were a lot more mistakes, but I can't remember them. There was a break in the middle for Gareth and Mike to do some songs then we came right back on and finished the evening off. We played all the way until midnight.

In all serious, I loved it. I've never done anything like this before in my life. I've never really been on stage for anything since I was a child in school plays. It feels great to have this first gig in the bag. All of family said they loved it and were so proud of me. That felt good. We still haven't picked a name yet so we gave pieces of paper out to the crowd for their suggestions, though none really stuck on the evening. Hopefully some inspiration will hit. Bring on the next gig.

In totally unrelated news, it's taken its time, but my new MacBook Pro is finally here! It still feels strange to have a MacBook after all this time. Your life kinda adjusts to not having a computer. Granted I have my work computer and I get most of my things done on there. In the gap that I didn't have my laptop, it was nice to not stare at a computer screen after work hours. Oh well. Times change. Back to browsing again!