Thursday, June 19th 2014

This is something I am passionate about. I am a nostalgic person and I look back at my late teenage years as some of the best years of my life. The first era of my life was ending and the point after the last bell rang at secondary school, I felt like my slate was wiped clean and I was ready to delve into the world. We made the most out of every single day. Most people will say University will be the best time of your life and while I loved every minute of it, it can not compare to when I was 17. I knew nothing of adult life.

It was inevitable that I would eventually slip into the routine of the everyday working man. We would keep telling ourselves that we would still see each other often. To be honest, I'm very grateful of how it has actually turned out. It's quite rare that you'll hold friends for this long. I'm just afraid that recently we have lost that youthful energy too early in contrast to our age.

I blame weed. Don't get me wrong, I love smoking, but when the waves of laziness come over me I die a little inside. So many opportunities to explore and things to see are passed up for other mundane activities. I am actually quite glad I have been so repressed to other activities from weed as it opens your eyes to how good things can actually be. My advice to fellow smokers is "Don't be content with doing nothing". Time is a serious issue. When older people say things such as "Cherish the time you have", "Live everyday as if it's your last" and "Carpe Diem", they really do mean it. Some have been around three times as long as you have and know what they are talking about. This is not me saying "Make every day memorable". Just don't turn down great opportunities for mundane things.

Recently I have felt like getting out, drastic things. I always envied the people who took gap years or started travelling right after school as I've always felt like an explorer at heart. The thought of settling down in three years scares me to the point that I want to do everything I can in that time. I always had the idea that I'd like to settle down at age 26-27 and to spend the 6 years prior living my life. until you realise how short a year is. This is also not me saying "I'm so old, I won't have time to do things", it's me saying tied down to marriage, children etc.

Maybe there is a better option out there.